Attic Insulation.

Blown-in Insulation in Attic

One of the most efficient and economic insulation methods for attic is Blown-in insulation. Whether it is a new project or an upgrade to an existing insulation, blown-in is always one of the best choices. Unlike the bath insulation, blown-in can reach out to tight and narrow spaces and fill up the gaps and provide a better performance to avoid the air leak. You can save up to 30% on your energy cost compare to a poorly insulated attic and experience a new level of comfort for you and your loved ones.

+10 Years Old House? You Need to Upgrade

If you have not upgraded your attic insulation for past 10 years, you are losing money through heat-loss through your attic. The recommended R-value for the attic is R50, meaning that you need at least 16’’ of proper insulation to maximize the performance of your attic. Since conventional insulation looses its efficiency during the time, it is strongly recommended to upgrade your attic insulation every 10 years. At FAB INSULATION we serve you with such affordable price that will leave you no hesitation on investing on your attic.


Our blown-in teams are well known for their quality of work and their commitment to reach the highest customer satisfaction. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the customized proposal and pricing for your projects. Contact us with your individual requirements and we will provide a free in-home/jobsite assessment and quotation.

  • Affordable and promising ROI
  • Safe and reliable
  • Very fast and clean
  • Can be completed in as little as 2 hours
  • Promotes better indoor air quality and healthier environment because it’s formaldehyde-free
  • Made with at least 50% post-consumer recycled bottle glass